Over 20 years ago, I combined a refined vision with a strong passion, and created an opportunity of a lifetime. Collectively, these characteristics allowed me the great opportunity to pursue perfection in the building industry.

I’ve been very blessed throughout my life, most specifically, with a wonderful family. My wife Mindy of 23 years, along with our two boys, Isaac and Ethan, have all provided an incredible support system that has allowed me the opportunity to fully engage in my building career.

Today, our building company has emerged as an industry leader and I’m very proud of our many accomplishments. It’s truly a great honor to be considered as a General Contractor in the luxury home market. I take great pride in my performance as a leader and strongly believe in the art of giving and working beyond the call of duty.

Success in my eyes is best defined by experience, knowledge, performance, and character. At a young age, I was introduced to the field of construction along with the necessary traits required to be successful. This experience allowed me the opportunity to learn construction at the ground level. My passion to be the best continues today in my management of projects, employees, and subcontractors. I very much appreciate the needs of all those who make this dream come true.

As with any industry, knowledge has a direct impact on performance. I was fortunate to combine years of practical experience with an applicable education in Civil and Environmental Engineering. The technical characteristics associated with this degree allowed me the opportunity to value engineer projects during construction or while managing professionals such as architects and designers.

The importance of knowledge and experience is only superseded by character and integrity. It is with great pride that I’ve worked very hard to make both an integral part of my daily activity. In our world of construction, it is these attributes that allow every client to feel confident that their best interest is always at the forefront.

Aside my family successes, the greatest sense of accomplishment continues to be the completion of every custom home. I’m very blessed to have a vision on every project that defines our path as a company and our commitment to every client. This vision combined with my sincere passion has allowed me an opportunity of a lifetime. My passion for construction will forever carry my pursuit of perfection, and I’m very fortunate to have sustained a livelihood at the same time.

Michael J. Graham, Founder and President
American First Builders Corp.