Providing a complete package of structural services, we are capable of handling all projects to include excavation, framing, and steel erection.

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Licensed in Utah, Arizona, and Nevada, our General Contracting services are best defined by our trademark in the custom home industry.

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Our name in the industry is best defined by our ability to produce exquisite interior finishes.

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American First Builders Incorporated specializes in the construction of exquisite custom homes and remodels. Our services range from complete design & build projects to a wide array of restoration and renovations. Our extraordinary experience is what allows us to provide an unmatched level of  operational and project superiority on all our custom home projects, always embracing  the values of reliability, accountability, quality and integrity in every home we build.

We look forward to being the first ones to welcome you home!

Our portfolio

Happy Clients

  • I have completed several projects with American First Builders Inc and they have always demonstrated the best attributes of a traditional family business, concern for their customers mixed with depth and breadth of experience. It’s a pleasure to design a project for a client when the builder is involved right from the beginning and understands and supports the process all the way through the construction documents. The entire team is great to work with…they are knowledgeable and professional in the field, have attention for detail and quality craftsmanship, and maintain a work schedule so the project is always completed on time.

    Luis Bonilla Antigua Design
  • Without a doubt, Mike Graham is always at the top of my referral list when asked to recommend a builder. He is extremely passionate, professional, honest and intelligent. I have been blessed with the opportunities to represent Mike in the sale of his truly fine homes.

    Deborah Beardsley Associate Broker
  • Our Experience with Michael Graham and American First Builders, (AFB), was unlike any other Contractor/Builders we’ve dealt with in the past. I travel throughout the world for my Company therefore not leaving me much time for on site inspection of the work and quality required from myself, but also by the over-site board regulating the upscale community we chose to build in.
    Mike’s comprehensive experiences building Luxury homes is vast and on point. This is Huge!
    First, Mike took the time to understand us, our schedules and our needs in order to extend to us a complete building experience. AFB’s attention to detail in order to meet planned construction and last minute changes are second to none.
    Second, by understanding my travel commitments… when I could and could not be on site, AFB worked around those times and built a trust as construction continued which allowed us to rest easy and be assured that quality standards were met and scheduling was held throughout construction..
    When Mike finished our build I told him that he gave me a “Top Cabin” Luxury Home.
    The simple truth is American First Builders and Mike Graham are a “Top Cabin” company and represent that exact quality.
    When I build again it will be with American First Builders.
    -Gregg Williams
    CEO, Spectrum Solutions, LLC

    Gregg Williams CEO,Business Owner
  • We came to American First Builders and Mike Graham after an incredibly-trying experience with other luxury builders. Finally, with American First, we could complete our dream project with the help of a builder who was also a friend. Now, after several years in our home, we enjoy the fruits of quality workmanship. A custom home, especially one of luxury dimensions, can become a monster of complexity. With the fine work of the American First team, we’ve had the peace of mind of knowing that systems behind the walls work as they were meant to. Anyone building a luxury home, especially in the tens of thousands of square feet should be counseled to patience. The process is long, regardless of the professionals brought to bear. Trust and friendship with your builder will see you through and leave you loving your home, with fond memories of the process of construction. We recommend Mike and his team, and we consider them good friends, relentless craftsmen and reliable professionals.

    Jason Orvis Retired
  • My experience with Mike and American First Builders has been with him as a Client, a luxury custom home Builder, and as a personal friend. As a Builder I always appreciate his commitment to his Clients to provide them with the highest quality of materials and craftsmanship, along with the most value and creativity he can provide. As a Client, I find his interest in pursuing a creative design refreshing in a world that often gets mired down in the complacency of typical solutions. As a friend, I appreciate his tenacious work ethic, integrity, dedication and compassion for his family and friends, and for maintaining a sense of humor in accomplishing the toughest tasks.

    Dale Gardon Architect
  • In 2013, we asked American First Builders to build us a home in Farmington, Utah which would be our last one. And sure enough, he put together some of the finest craftsmen to complete our home. Michael engineered the layout and style of the home to be timeless using the finest of materials and craftsman that will serve us for years. He is an exceptional creator and builder. We would highly recommend his entire team to build your dream home.

    Jack & Pam White Owner
  • We had a custom home built by American First Builders (AFB) in Park City Utah in 2006.  We choose AFB because of the other homes we toured that they built in our neighborhood, and the unanimous recommendations of the other owners. AFB was very easy to work with and delivered a quality home that was basically on time and on budget.  Almost 10 years later our house has withstood the elements and time has had no major issues.  We would use AFB again if we were building a new home.

    Curtis Polk
  • Mike Graham was the general contractor we selected to build our custom home in Paradise Valley. He exceeded our expectations. Our home is truly amazing. He and his crew are very reliable and trustworthy. Mike has provided excellent customer service and extensive knowledge during the building of our new home. Not only is Mike professional, but he brought a high attention to detail in every phase of the project. We are extremely pleased with our experience with Mike Graham and American First Builders and couldn’t be any more satisfied with our new home.

    William Martin Owner
  • We engaged Mike Graham to build our custom home in Park City 9 years ago. Mike is a highly experienced home builder and most importantly a man of great integrity. I would be the first to admit that I am a demanding client and pay attention to every detail. Mike handled our needs with great professionalism and charm. Simply put Mike is a pleasure to deal with !! The house was completed on time and on budget and to our immense satisfaction. We could not be more proud of the house that Mike designed and built. I have no hesitation in recommending Mike and his team and if we ever build again Mike will be our man!!

    Chris Ball Owner
  • “It is with great enthusiasm that we write this letter of recommendation in support of American First Builders. They are certainly outstanding professionals whose excellent work merits recognition.

    My clients and I met with numerous builders before deciding on AF Builders. I can honestly say that from our first meeting with AF Builders we were thoroughly impressed with the quality of your workmanship, professionalism and integrity.

    AF Builders exceeded the level of customer service/satisfaction we were expecting. I want to thank you for your willingness to meet with us on many different occasions to either change or add to my clients’ home’s detail.

    On a personal note, AF Builders made my clients home building experience a pleasurable one. Thank you for a job well done!!!”

    Tommy Moore Real Estate Broker
  • American First Builders and Mike Graham come with the highest of recommendation from us. We had the privilege of working with Mike to complete a home that he was building in the Entrada Golf Community in St. George, UT. We were very impressed with Mike’s professionalism and integrity. His focus on detail and quality workmanship produced a beautifully designed and well built home. Mike gave us suggestions and ideas during the building process that made it so much easier and took a lot of burden off of us with the decision process. We developed a friendship based on trust, integrity and caring. We enjoyed this building experience and are completely happy with the beautiful quality home that we completed.

    Gary F Miller business owner
  • Mike Graham and American First Builders first impressed me with his integrity and positive approach to building more than 20 years ago. His approach has proven itself, with the success his company has had over all these years. He has sustained his win-win performance as adjustments and moves were required by the changing economy. Design of architecture and structure is most enjoyable when it is creative and challenging. We appreciate the opportunity to work with Mike on his luxury homes and to be a designer member on his team.

    Kimly C Mangum Architect & Structural Engineer